The highest district of Himachal and the cold desert of India, Spiti, is one of the cleanest, coldest and the most scenic spots in India. While the route to and the weather of Spiti may be challenging, the experience of this heavenly abode totally compensates for the hardship one may have to go through while traveling to Spiti. The route from Chandigarh to Spiti is remarkably scenic with awestrucking places like Shimla, Sangla, Chitkul, and Kalpa falling on the way. You may have seen winter Chitkul in photos and videos but Chitkul in fact is several times more beautiful than the views captured by cameras. The drive from Chitkul to Kalpa is full of picturesque landscapes with snow covered capes, shining river streams and falls, that'll leave your jaw dropped for you would've never seen something so incredibly beautiful. The rich culture of Himachal can be witnessed in both Kalpa and our next spot Kaza. Kaza is the land of tall mountains covered in white snow contrasting with an iconic shade of blue coloured sky. The frozen rivers, rivulets and falls in the winter Spiti expedition is an addition to the already beautiful landscapes of this cold desert. The temperature in winter drops to -10 degrees Celsius at night and it is truly heart wrenching to wake up to the sight of snow covering every nook and corner of your surroundings. You may think you know how beautiful mountains are but the true beauty of the snowy mountains and the sky can only be realized in a winter Spiti expedition. Kaza is home to a rich Buddhist culture and many monasteries. Tabo Monastery, Dhankar Monastery and the Key Monastery are some of the many monasteries that you'll see on your trip to Spiti. The mere sight of the Buddhist prayer flags fluttering in the wind, with tall white snow covered mountains in the backdrop will bring out emotions that the busy city life has embedded deep within your heart. Life in Spiti in winters may not be an easy and comfortable one, but the discomfort will surely be worth it when you witness the extravagant winter beauty and the rich Buddhist culture that Spiti holds.


Day 1: Chandigarh to Shimla (113kms)

– The group will assemble in Chandigarh at _____ PM and we will start our journey to Shimla.
– We will reach Shimla early in the morning allowing you to witness the beautiful sunrise in the mountains

Day 2: Shimla to Chitkul (225kms)

– On reaching Shimla early in the morning, we will switch our vehicle to a tempo traveler and begin our journey to Chitkul.
– We will reach Chitkul in the evening, relax, bond with fellow travelers and stay the night in Chitkul itself.

Day 3: Chitkul to Kalpa (50kms)

– Followed by breakfast in Chitkul, we will leave for Kalpa.
– It’ll take about 3 hours to reach Kalpa.
– We will see Reckong Peo town on our way.
– On reaching Kalpa, we will do sightseeing and will also see the renowned Kalpa monastery.
– Dinner in Kalpa followed by overnight stay.

Day 4: Kalpa to Tabo (160kms)

– After having a fulfilling breakfast meal, we will head to Tabo, home to the famous Tabo Monastery.
– On our way, we will see the breathtaking convergence of Spiti rivers and Sutlej, Khab and the village of Nako.
– Dinner followed by overnight stay in Tabo.

Day 5: Tabo to Kaza (48 kms)

– After an early morning breakfast in Tabo, we’ll leave for Kaza.
– On our way, we will see the famous Tabo Monastery and the Dhankar Monastery.
– On reaching Kaza, you may explore the city before dinner.
– Dinner and overnight stay in Kaza.

Day 6: Sightseeing in Spiti

– After a sumptuous breakfast, we will begin what we came for: sightseeing in Spiti.
– First we will see Key Monastery, Chicham bridge and then Hikkim, where we will visit the highest post office of India.
– Langza will be the next spot where we will witness the famous Buddha statue.
– We shall also visit Komic Village, which is one of the highest villages in the world.
– Sightseeing will be followed by dinner and overnight stay in Kaza.

Day 7: Kaza to Kalpa (200kms)

– Breakfast will be followed by a drive from Kaza back to Kalpa.
– On reaching Kalpa in the evening, you are free to explore.
– Dinner and overnight stay in Kalpa.

Day 8: Kalpa to Shimla to Chandigarh (335kms)

– Breakfast in Kalpa.
– Ride back from Kalpa to Shimla.
– Ride from Shimla to Chandigarh the same day.
– Arrival in Chandigarh and end of the trip.

Package Cost

Chandigarh - Chandigarh

339.00 / Person

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