• April 28, 2024
  • Pad Your Strategy to Success

    A manger is a feeding trough for animals and was likely the cleanest place in the stable where the Virgin Mary could place the baby Jesus. Mesh laundry bags are great for socks and undergarments, as well as other small items like cloth face masks, headbands, scrunchies, baby clothes, and bandanas. We had now no more than one Indian left, the other being gone back with the Commissioners of Carolina, by reason he thought himself not well enough to undergo the fatigue of so long & difficult a journey. Now after so great an experience in their preparations, it had been no mighty addition to their charge, had they endured the fatigue of 6 or 7 weeks longer. One of the men was unluckily heard this morning to wish himself at home, for which he was publickly reprimanded, & asked before all the rest whether it was the danger or fatigue of the Journey that disheartened him. After having adjusted our business with the Carolina Commissioners, we took our leave directing our course towards the West, while the persued theirs towards the East Mr Fitzwilliam taking one of our men to attend him home, we hired one of the Carolina men to supply his place.

    In this distance we crossed Hicco-otto-mony Creek the 5th time, & took up our Quarters near Buffalo Creek, so called from the many signs of that shy animal. It was sufficient for a long time, & in their opinion for an age or two. It was two in the afternoon before we set out which together with the Thickets we encountered hindered us from carrying the Line further than 2 miles & 260 poles. The difficulties of passing the River, & cutting our way thro’ that forest of Canes, hindered us from extending the Line farther than 3 miles & 260 poles. These misfortunes hindered some of the baggage from reaching the Camp this night. Children of the Camp are we, Serving each in his degree; Children of the yoke and goad, Pack and harness, pad and load. Actually, there are several layers the United States has to build into the system to have real airport security and not just a weak line of defense. In July 1942 the 1st Construction Battalion (CB) sent a detail from the 3rd CB Construction detachment that was on Efate to Espiritu Santo to build a bomber strip to attack the Japanese on Guadalcanal.

    We quartered near a Spring of very fine water, which the poor men wanted that guarded the baggage, but they comforted themselves with some of the rum they had under their care. Our poor horses could with difficulty force their way betwixt the Saplins with the burdens on their backs. The provisions they brought with them for want of horses to carry them, were partly left behind, & what they could bring was husbanded so ill that after eighteen days (which was the whole time we had the honor of their company) they had no more by their own confession left than two pounds of bread for each man to carry them home. The bushes were so thick that we were obliged to cover our bread bags with the skins of the Deer we had killed. We saw several Deer but were so unlucky as to kill none. However tho’ this was an invincible reason to these Gentlemen for leaving the business unfinished, yet it could be none to us, who had at that time Buiscuit for seven weeks longer. And tho’ the distance towards the Great Mountains be not precisely determined by the said Order, yet surely the West Line should be carried as near them as may be, that both the Lands of the King & the Lords may be taken up the faster, and that His Majesty’s subjects may as soon as possible extend themselves to that natural barrier.

    The plain meaning of that Order was, to ascertain the Bounds between the two Governments as far towards the mountains as we could, that neither the Kings Grants may hereafter encroach on the Lords Proprietors, nor theirs on the Right of His Majesty. Therefore lest their want of management, might put a stop to his Majestys service we thought it our Duty to proceed without them & have extended the dividing Line so far West, as to leave the Great Mountains on each hand to the eastward of us. This seasonable reproof put an end to all Complaints, & no body after that was known so much as to wish or show any marks of uneasiness. The Western bank of this fine River was bordered with tall Canes a furlong deep, so that it Cost much time to cut a way through them wide enough for the baggage. They were pleased in the first place to alledge by way of reason, that having run the Line near 50 miles beyond the Inhabitants.

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