Malana is a small village nestled in the ever beautiful and magnificent Parvati Valley of Himachal that witnesses several tourists every year. This small and peaceful village is famous for its culture and its outstanding beauty in the form of tall trees, snow covered mountains, waterfalls and lush green surroundings. While people visit Parvati Valley pretty often, Malana is an off beat location in the valley that's not very frequently visited by customers giving you a peaceful weekend to yourself away from the hustle bustle of everyday life.


Day:0: Overnight volvo journey from Delhi to Jari or Bhunter.

-Start your trip from Delhi in a Volvo bus that will take you to Bhunter, a small town in Parvati valley.
-Reach Bhunter early in the morning and start your journey to Malana.

Day:1: Pickup from Jari or Bhunter to Malana.

-Leave for Malana from Bhunter which will take a total of about 1.5 hours (35 kms).
-After a small trek of about 4 kms, reach Malana.
-Reach Malana in the day, have a sumptuous breakfast and start exploring the village. The Jamadagni Temple and Renuka Devi Shrine Temple are some of the many temples worth visiting in Malana. Enjoy peace and quiet in the lap of tall mountains covered in snow and the lush green surroundings.
-Have a delicious dinner at night and take a good night’s sleep to be refreshed for the next day.

Day:2: Explore Malana Vilage. Back to Kasol. Overnight Journey from Kasol to Delhi.

-Spend a few hours in Malana, and explore the surroundings.
-Leave for Kasol after a tasty lunch at Malana.
-Explore the town of Kasol and try out the famous eateries that serve sumptuous cuisines from all over the world.
-Take a bus from Kasol and reach Delhi by next morning.

Package Cost

Delhi to Malana

7,500.00 / Person

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●How to reach Malana?

Malana is a small village nestled in the Parvati Valley. Take a bus to Jari village, and then a taxi to Malana. A small trek of 4 kilometers from there will take you to the village.

●Is Malana safe?

Malana is a very quiet and peaceful village and one of the safest spots in India. As long as you respect the customs and beliefs of the villagers, the village is a safe place to visit.

●What is the best time to visit Malana?

The best times to visit Malana are summers (March-May) and after monsoon (September-November). Though Malana is beautiful throughout the year, these times are the safest due to less rainfall and snowfall.

● How many days are enough for Malana?

Malana is a small and peaceful village surrounded by natural beauty. Depending on how long you can afford to spend in the village, you may spend from 2 to 10 days in the village.

● Are ATMs available in Malana?

It is recommended to carry cash when going to mountains. ATMs will be available in Kasol but the cash availability is not always guaranteed so withdraw cash before you leave for the trip.

● What is Malana famous for?

Malana is famous for its natural beauty and its top quality cannabis, also commonly known as the ‘Malana Cream’.

● Are there hotels in Malana?

Malana has very limited stay options so you will not find high end hotels in Malana. Though cottages and guest houses are available throughout the year.